Alexandra Grundleger, Ph.D.

Huffington Post Live Interview on Binge Eating Disorders:

Alexandra Grundleger is a limited permit psychologist based in New York City, who focuses on treating individuals, including adolescents and adults, couples, and families. She currently is working under a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Lucy Bichsel. While she has a specialty in treating eating disorders, personality disorders, and post traumatic stress disorders, she is also trained to work with individuals with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, work and family-related stress, life transitions, and other emotional and behavioral concerns. She received her bachelors from New York University, her masters in clinical social work from Columbia University, and her doctorate in clinical psychology from Long Island University, Brooklyn. 

Throughout her decade of training, she has worked at various institutions, such as Bellevue Hospital; the Renfrew Center; the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt; Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy; New York Psychoanalytic Society Institute; and most recently she completed her doctoral internship at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. Her doctoral training has focused on utilizing a psychodynamic approach to assessing and treating psychiatric issues, but she also has a wealth of experience and education using behavioral techniques. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the unique relationship between having a history of childhood sexual trauma and the later development of an eating disorder, in particular bulimia symptoms.